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The next legend will receive their rating in FIFA 18 : After Ronaldo, Maradona and Henry now the strength of Pele has been published. With a total strength of 95, Brazil’s legend is rated as well as Diego Maradona.

Especially in the categories speed (96), dribbling (95), shot (93) and pass (90) Pele is one of the best in the game. Only his defensive rating (56) falls off a bit. There, players will least need him.

+++ Update July 31: FIFA 18 rating announced by Thierry Henry +++

After Ronaldo and Diego Maradona, the next legend has received their rating in FIFA 18 : Thierry Henry! The Frenchman can not quite keep up with his Brazilian and Argentine counterparts, but the overall strength of 90 officially confirmed by “EA Sports” is still strong.

Especially Henry’s speed (90) and his shot (89) convince coin master hack free spins. Only on the defensive (51) has the long-time Arsenal attacker (understandably) deficits.

+++ Update July 29: FIFA 18 rating published by Maradona +++

After Ronaldo (see previous entry), Diego Maradona returns to FIFA 18 as a legend card. And the Argentine triumphs with his values ​​even the Brazilian football idol. As “EA Sports” officially announced, Maradona will be integrated with a total score of 95.

Particularly convincing are his dribbling (95) and his shot (91). But even with his passport (90) and his speed (88) Maradona does not need to hide in FIFA 18 .

+++ Update July 29: Ronaldo gets Monster rating +++

Brazil’s football idol Ronaldo returns to FIFA 18 as a legend card and is available only at fifa 18 coin generator here. Now “EA Sports” has presented the rating for the former world footballer – and that is something to be proud of! His overall strength will be at 94, speed, dribbling and shot convince each with 93.

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